6 ways to boost your social media in 2019

Isn’t it absolutely arduous to come up with something new & catchy, every minute? Especially, if you are starting afresh, just like us and have the pressure to consistently post on social media. Believe it or not, everybody is struggling to make his or her social media posts stand out from crowd. So, what is it we can do to attract & engage prospective crowd on our pages & accounts and to ensure that we don’t fall behind?

The major concern is that social media platforms are evolving all the time. Especially, when Facebook is fighting hard to bring back its reputation and make it more personal & customised. However, there are a few tricks that social media managers can use to constantly attract audience and gain a good brand reputation.

So, let us take a few chances and tweak the way we post on social media platforms.

  1. Know your audience and goals

Before starting anything, it is essential to define your objectives and goals that you want to accomplish on social media. You should know what and why you are doing it. After chalking out your objectives; try to understand your target audience well. Without knowing your buyers persona i.e., your audience’s lifestyle, demographics, income, etc., your plan is going to be quite ineffective.

Ideally, a co-ordinated social media plan should answer your questions like: What social media platforms does your audience use? What are their interests, income levels and preferences? When and what to post, etc.

  1. Make attractive and appealing content

Did your Tweets, Stories and statuses no longer attract viewers?

People use social media not to know about your brand or product. It is seen that people no more like, just the straight-forward boring ads or posts (infomercials). Last year, social media managers have witnessed drastic changes in the content styles that attracted users.

Even-though you are using social media to promote your business, it’s not mandatory to be formal and direct. Focus on creating funny eye-catching visuals and audio that will connect with users and establish authority through your content.

  1. Listen to your audience

Users follow you or talk to you so that they get something in return. That's why it's so important to actively engage with your audience on social media. Replying to users’ comments, answering their queries, addressing their complaints, or simply providing helpful information can improve your brand image in the eyes of your followers.

Designing consistent engaging posts and gradually building trust, recognition and brand awareness will justify your social presence and boost your business eventually.

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  1. Introduce more contests and deals in your campaigns

Whether you are trying to attract new customers through paid ads or increase interactions with the existing ones through organic posts, luring them with discounts or offers proves to be a great strategy. Your customers will only become part of your sales funnel only when they receive something. After all, who doesn’t love a special discount coupon or a free trial offer? These freebies can entice your social media audience to become your loyal subscribers.

  1. Follow current affairs & social media trends

Research for right keywords for your content and look for trending topics to initiate interactions with your customers on your social accounts. Include relevant and trending hashtags for promoting your business or campaigns. Encourage your followers to use your hashtags or share your posts and praise them with a freebie, discount or even a re-tweet if they help you grow more audience.

  1. Follow and analyse social media leads

At times, the social media content and posts turn out to be great source of inbound leads. Research says that 72% customers expect response from the companies in less than 60min. Hence, it is the need of hour to constantly keep track of your audience. UTM codes combined with Google Analytics can help you track your traffic and understand their buying and conversion patterns. Proper analysis of campaigns and posts through analytics tool will also help you in knowing which campaigns worked and which needs to be improved. You can try out software like Spark Central for instant support tweets.

Hurry Up and try these tricks out

You now have amazing tricks that will reliably earn you more follows and likes.

These are sure-shot hacks that will improve your social media performance in 2019. Your goal is to bring these tricks into regular practice.

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