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Digital Marketing options for builders and property dealers

With the online methods revolutionising the entire process of work, it is extremely important to stay tuned with the current marketing trends. Moreover, when it comes to real-estate industry, marketing trends have changed so much in past five years than it has, in last several decades. As of 2018, 94% of home buyers start their search online. So, what exactly can builders and property dealers do to drastically improve their digital presence and get more target customers.

Well, for starters, stop spending too much on un-measurable traditional marketing media and start investing in newer, better digital marketing options.

Builders and property dealers have been relentlessly advertising over traditional marketing channels like newspapers, TVs, radios, hoardings and billboards. Although those methods were helpful for decades, the amount spent couldn’t justify the leads generated or sales converted. For more drawbacks about traditional marketing, read our previous blog.

Digital marketing, though the most effective way to accurately measure how much of your marketing strategies made to leads & sales, is often neglected by the real-estate sector. Digital Marketing leads to more informed planning and budgeting as you can trace every single paisa spent on selling a particular house or a property. With proper analytics and research, you can even apply multiple tests and ad strategies to understand what works with your audience and how to further improve your techniques.

The ticket size of real-estate sector being very high, it is very important to build trust and remain connected with the audience. A home-buyer has to spare a lot of time researching all options and weighing pros and cons before taking decisions. You have to ensure that your reputation and online image entice him to choose you over your competitors.

So exactly, what can builders and property dealers do to stand out in the digital marketplace?

Firstly, you have to define who your target audience is. Research thoroughly and design an ideal customer persona who might be willingly interested in your property. We call it buyer persona and it plays a crucial role in your marketing, use this free template to create buyer persona (courtesy of hubspot).

After you have made your buyer persona, use digital marketing strategies to increase your sales and reach more people. We have made a list of marketing options that have proven to be helpful:

Improve your image through Branding:

Promote your housing projects or properties across all your marketing platforms in a similar fashion. This not only helps you in building brand recognition but also builds a sense of trust among your customers.

Brand building through an aesthetic logo, catchy taglines, relevant graphics and other brand solutions help in making your brand reputation as experts in your field.

Having a consistent social media banners, images similar to your website’s feel, and other printed marketing materials depict consistency and confidence of your business.

Make your best impression through quality website design:

People rely more on Internet to buy or see the house or property they are looking for. It is therefore essential for builders and dealers to promote their businesses through quality website.

A top-notch website can attract potential home-buyers and improve brand awareness. Appealing design with right look, feel and color schematic, engaging content about the projects with proper keywords can help you take your buyers down the sales funnel. Moreover, designing a mobile-friendly, responsive website provides ease to the searchers and ultimately increase conversion rates.

A 360 view of your project or model home on the website can help buyers take informed decisions. It will further help you in narrowing down the interested audience from general visitors.

Maintain your local search engine profile:

Geographical promotion plays a primary role for home builders, real-estate developers and property dealers. As your target audience is mostly specific or related to the region of your project, it’s important to claim and maintain all local directory profiles.

As a construction company, you should focus on only those web directories that your target demographics use. You can start with GoogleMyBusiness, Google Maps, 99acres or MagicBricks, Sulekha, RealEstateIndia, etc.

Engage your audience through Social Media Marketing:

Social media profiles are the now considered as one of best ways to personally connect and interact with your target audience. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are convenient ways to solve your customers queries or issues, understand their requirements and provide better understanding about your new or upcoming projects.

With more than 2.3billion active Facebook users, builders and property dealers can now reach wider audiences. Focusing on social media platforms where your customers are present and engaging them with quality content can make long-lasting relationships with your customers. Interacting consistently through your business pages and profiles displays your company’s sincerity and values.

Advertising on social media can help you reach masses, create brand awareness, have better customer engagements and even, more lead generation.

Grow organically with Search Engine Optimization:

SEO means improving your content organically for the search engines to drive more traffic to your website. Your website’s ranking on the Search Engine results page (SERP) decides your visibility and popularity among the relevant searchers. To get higher ranking, your content must be rich with relevant yet quality keywords.

In a home builder digital marketing campaign, it’s essential to improve your local SEO. This will let the search engines know about yours as well as your projects’ geographical area.

Researchers say that consistent blogging boosts your ranks and engages your buyers gradually. For every page or blog post you write, have relevant internal links leading to your other pages.

Invest in pay-per-click campaigns:

Paid advertisements prove to be sure-shot success in reaching the masses and boosting your company’s promotion rapidly. PPC campaigns are effective advertisement methods as you are charged only when an impression is being made. For ex: When a user searches for flats or properties in your targeted area and you have an active pay-per-click campaign like Google Ads, your advertisement will be shown in SERP and you will be charged only if he clicks on the ad. Paid campaigns guarantee instantaneous results with improved leads and quick conversions.

Properly designed ad campaigns on social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can drastically improve your sales and reach as per your business requirements. You can even customize and focus on the target demographics of prospective buyers you wish to connect with. Well-tailored paid ads on social media can effectively capture more high-quality leads and nurture your audience through marketing funnel.

Display advertising are very effective for home-builder digital marketing as it involves buying space, showing your ads on other websites, blogs, videos or any other medium and paying for impressions.

Build Relationships with Email Marketing:

It’s a powerful digital marketing tool to personally connect and nurture business relationships with interested buyers or valuable customers. It can persuade prospective leads to get involved in sales activities with you. You can feature information about your blogposts, upcoming projects or events and other helpful relevant content so that you don’t lose a potential customer. You can get started with personalized free email marketing tools like Mailchimp or Hubspot. You will be able to design customized emailers campaigns and modify them based on trial and error without spending a dime.

Analyze & Remarket your brand:

Anyone having a website or on-going digital marketing activity must monitor and understand the incoming traffic. This data helps not only in making decisions about potential changes but also in understanding what content or strategy worked well for you. Using Google Analytics and perform in-depth analysis of your searchers and leads.

Have you ever gone to a website, not completed call-to-action, and begun seeing advertisements for that website later? That is a digital marketing strategy called as remarketing and it’s incredibly powerful for reminding past visitors to come back to your website. With strategic ad campaigns, you can even remarket your homes and properties to your valuable customers.

To sum up:

Improving the marketing strategies through any of the mentioned steps above will definitely boost your property sales. It is the need of the hour for the Construction and Real-Estate industry to unleash the potential of modern digital marketing methods.

Many custom builders and property dealers find it helpful to associate closely with a digital marketing agency to target a specific demographic in their local area. Mave Developers has a customized suite of digital marketing and website designs services to serve the needs of home builders and real-estate dealers. If you want to know more about Mave Developers’ services, reach out to us today.

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