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Paid Marketing
Paid marketing involves sponsored ads and paid marketing campaigns to improve sales and are generally conversion-specific i.e., pay per click. It offers brands the potential of substantially increasing the conversion rates and make more money.
Paid Marketing?

Improved visibility

The pay-per-click ads are placed on the prominent locations of the search engine page along with the other search listings that match your keywords.

Higher click-thru rate (CTR)

These precise ads generally appear on the top of SERPs, likely to be clicked.

Fits in your budget

It requires minimal budget to place targeted ads in front of motivated buyers.
Mave Developers?

Increase conversion rate quickly

Our highly relevant paid ads possess the potential of substantially increasing your conversion rates in a limited time frame

Generate more leads

Through our pay-per-click ads and lead-driven crsip content, target your potential customers by staying ahead of your competitors.

Promote your business locally

We help you promote your business on a local level through our targeted search engine marketing

Get consistent traffic

We can generate consistent traffic coming on your website for certain keywords through our highly customised pay-per-click campaigns.

Analyse your performance

We precisely perform tracking and campaign analysis to understand the performance of the ad campaigns and take certain decisions on whether or not to refine strategies.

Get quality traffic

We perform extensive research and understand the key factors to get the right keyword mix, the marketing budget and the content for generating better quality traffic.
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