Will digital marketing completely rule the advertising world?

If you are here, it probably means that you’re interested in digital marketing and would like to know more about it.

Today, the Internet provides unlimited chances to grow your business. Studies show that above 90% of the total populace is on the web, thus compelling businesses to come online. To improve sales & attract more traffic, it has become the need of hour to keep yourself polished on the internet. Businesses are either upgrading their existing marketing strategies with modern digital techniques or completely turning digital.

FUN FACT: Did you know 97% of adults under age 65 regularly use social media. Still as many as 89% of customer messages are ignored by businesses.

What exactly is the role of digital marketing in your businesses?

Proper usage of several digital marketing channels attracts the right target audiences and ensure result driven interactions. More quality interactions result to improved lead generation. Successful marketing strategies through different digital marketing techniques are strategically implemented to convert the prospective leads into buyers.

It provides a unique opportunity of building lasting relationships through personal engagements with your customer base.

Why is traditional marketing under-performing?

The existing traditional marketing methods have several loopholes:

  • Rather than targeting the potential customers which maybe anywhere across globe, it can only target the limited local & maybe uninterested audience. The reach of Digital Marketing is virtually infinite.
  • Budget required for traditional marketing channels is quite high and the profits generated are quite low. Conversion rate is 3.6 times more with Digital Marketing.
  • With limited space and huge expenses involved in traditional advertising, it becomes next to impossible for businesses to create brand image. Digital Marketing platforms enable you to breathe and express more.

Due to limited space and high rates, traditional advertising becomes unavailable for small players. Digital marketing channels are accessible to organizations of any size and with low budgets.

The list is nevertheless endless. To conclude on a lighter note, let’s take an oath not to make holes in your pocket by spending on print-media ads rather move to modern better marketing options. Who am I to argue: Digital Marketing is modest; it suits various types and sizes of business.

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